Friday, July 1, 2011

Independence Day

As I look forward to this weekend for many reasons. Family, Friend, BBQ, Food, Fireworks, celebration at the park and maybe a few cool ones...LOL!!! I look forward with a heavy heart!!! Even through we will look to the fun and joy of this Holiday, there are Soldiers, Sailor, Police and Firefighters who willing put their family aside for us everyday!
What about their Family's? What about their celebrations? The children who don't have Mommy or Daddy there to watch the parades with them. What about the Mother and Father home with these Children who have to sit silently and watch their Children. Knowing the all pieces to their family puzzle are there.
Did you ever think about the thoughts of these children. They have no understanding to why their parent is gone just that they are not there to be with them.
We talk about the few the brave the one who serve us to keep this precious thing we call freedom!! I'm saying there is more to be grateful for, the one at home that struggle each and everyday to just maintain! To keep their home, family and hearts intact.
I have watch this many times with very close friend and family. They send their love ones off for months at a time knowing this is what their family has chosen as their life's path.

This post is for you!!! May god wrap his loving hands around your families and protect each and everyone. Your strength, what can I says about that? do what you do everyday! I look to have that kind of strength. Your ability to give so much to the world without really even knowing what your Hero may do for mankind. Your sacrifice there are no word to explain the gratitude we all should have to you and your children.
As I said this post is for all who do this of us day in and day out. There are two very special people who I want you to know how much what their families do right now for us!!

To my Niece Celeste: Your family is amazing!!! I know it's so hard to be away from the one you love. Stay strong and keep SHOPPING!!!!!

To my BFF Erin: No words can explain what you mean!

So as you all enjoy this Holiday weekend celebrate your hearts out! Do it for all of those who serve! When you see someone in a uniform you may have the urge to thank them, but don't forget to thank the one who support them!!!!

Have an AMAZING and safe weekend!!! Love our Country, our Men and Women who protect us!
Take lots of pictures!!!
Much Love,

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